Security & Guarding Sector

June 19, 2018 0
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With the increasing attacks and blasts on the headquarters of companies, establishments, banks, and other properties, the security and guarding sector has become very important nowadays and the joint efforts between the government security services and private security guard companies have a great impact in preventing crime before it occurs.

The main objective of this sector is to provide security and protection for individuals and protect their property from theft and vandalism. Many have resorted to the use of private security companies to protect their family members from dangers or to avoid problems that occur in society nowadays. To improve the performance of security guards they should have equipped with video surveillance cameras and communications devices and protection tools and self-defense in the danger in order to the safety of client’s family and home and property.

Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is keen on the conditions that must be met for candidates to work in the security and guarding sector, to be chosen according to the method of dealing and availability of mental qualities, and not just physical ones, in order to provide full protection for companies, factories, banks, hotels, tourist resorts in GCC and the Middle East.

The following are the most important security and administrative functions that we provide for employment in the security and guarding sector.

Administrative Affairs DirectorNetwork Security EngineerMobile SupervisorComputer Technician
Security DirectorIndustrial Security OfficerLocation SupervisorInternet Technician
Branch ManagerCommunication OfficerField Security SupervisorData entry
Hiring SpecialistField Operations OfficerSurveillance Security Personal guard
Administrative CoordinatorSecurity OfficersCamera MonitorSecurity Guard
Safety & Security ManagerOperations Room AdjusterFire Alarm Technician
Follow up & Coordination SupervisorAn Emergency ExpertElectronics Technician

Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is specialized in recruiting manpower staff mentioned above in the public and private sector for companies, institutions, factories, banks, hotels, tourist resorts, shops, residential buildings and people in the GCC and the Middle East.