Our Offices


Our group includes some of the best recruitment agencies like travel and tours offices and trade testing centers in Pakistan and spread throughout Pakistan’s regional provinces so that we can Provide our clients according to their desire to choose the capable workers from different provinces like(Punjab, Sindh, Baloch, Kashimir, Pashto, Shtral). A number of our offices have been established to fulfill the matters from Arab embassies in Islamabad.

The other group of our offices is dedicated to see the matters from Arab consulates in Karachi.

As for the large number of recruitment requests we are keen to establish our group and the division of our offices in order to expedite the working staff and not to delay the issuance of visas whatever the number from Arab embassies


Al-Mersal Arabic Group provides comprehensive solutions for the recruitment of Pakistani workforce in the GCC and the Middle East. Faisal Usman Company has been assigned under the license number MPD 2905 Rawalpindi

Al Mersal Arabic Group is the main employment gateway in Pakistan for the public and private sectors and individuals of many companies, institutions, factories, hospitals, banks, restaurants, airports, workshops, shops, etc. in the GCC and Middle East in terms of quality, Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is based on a database of more than 50,000 qualified manpower 

Head Office

DD-203, Opp Shell Pump,Murree Road,Shamsabad,Rawalpindi, Isalamabad, Pakistan.    


Branch # 1


Office #1, First Floor, Sarwar Plaza, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Branch # 2


Office #29, Sunset 4, Mezzanine Floor, DHA, Phase 2, Karachi,   Pakistan.

Branch # 3


Plot # 36, Gultion Park, Raiwind Road, Bhobatian Chowk, Lahore,  Pakistan.

Branch # 4


Chowk Bhatta, Gorianwala, Opp National Gym, Lahore Road,   Kasur, Pakistan.

Branch # 5


Main Jhang Road, Behind Shell Pump, Painsara  Adda, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Branch # 6


Plot # 33,  Lahore More, Kabeer, Wala Road, Khanewal, Pakistan.

Branch # 7


Office # 5 , Khokar Plaza, Chakwal, Talagang Rode, Chakwal, Pakistan.

Branch # 8


    Plot  #  11 ,   Upper   Chattar,     Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan.