Manpower Process


Workers Recruitment Procedures from Pakistan to the Gulf States and the Middle East are as follows:

  1. Contact with us directly by cell phone or social networking sites or by email or by fax
  2. Details about the required workers by the employer
  3. Provide us with the details of the nature of the employer’s work
  4. Mention Employer’s details (Company’s Name, Company’s Location, Company’s Activity)
  5. Download the Demand Letter form from the Employees Request Section along with its full details and print it on the company’s logo (Letter Head)
  6. Attestation of (Demand Letter) by the company and the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of the applicant (especially Saudi Arabia)
  7. Attestation of (Demand Letter) by the company and the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pakistani Embassy of the country of the applicant
  8. Send (Demand Letter) certified by courier to the address of our group in Pakistan ( in case not sending a representative from the company)
  9. The employer’s representative should bring the original (Attested Demand Letter) with him when he intended to perform the tests personally in Pakistan

After receiving of the Demand Letter and the original Authorization Letter from the employer, the letter is got attested by the Protector of Immigration Office  for Overseas Workers and our office is officially registered agent of the employer to allow us to arrange, prepare and equip with the labor required by the employer and select the required staff from us according to the rules and regulations of the Government of the State of Pakistan

After getting  permission from the Protector of Immigration Office  for Overseas Workers, we proceed to look for workers as follows:

  1. Search in the data bank of the CVs of our group and inform the relevant candidates of all the details and the date of the professional tests
  2. Inform our authorized representatives about the details and direct them to the Trade Test Centre, details and date of the tests
  3. Contact all other representatives registered with us in designated cities and inform them about the details and date of tests for employment
  4. Advertising in the wide-spread newspapers in the State of Pakistan including all the details and the date of interviews and tests
  5. Directions to our professional testing center to receive, interview and test workers on time

After preparing the workers make them arrive at our testing centers, we proceed with the workers’ test as following:

  1. Inquiry about the social background of the worker
  2. scrutiny of the worker’s residence, place of birth and nationality
  3. observing the worker’s ethics and religion
  4. Check the legal references to ensure that the worker is free from a judicial offense
  5. Realness of educational certificates if any
  6. Make a special file for each worker containing his resume, education certificates, experience, passport and personal photo
  7. assemble workers by line according to the number of their files and the trades to be tested
  8. Supervision of tests by professional supervisors of our Trade Test Centers (in case tests taken by our group)
  9. Good workers in their Trades are initially selected until all existing workers’ tests are completed

After preparing the test and identifying the desired workers and approval by the employer, we proceed with the following processing procedures for the workers

  1. Identify the desired workers after completing the tests and completing the required number
  2. Receive original passports from workers
  3. Receive the original ID cards from the workers
  4. Receive personal photographs of workers
  5. Sending the desired workers (having excellent experience) data and  for the employer to see and determine which one selected finally (test by our group)
  6. Sending a detailed list of the selected employees to the employer for information (for the examination held by the employer’s representative)
  7. Sending workers to perform medical examinations in health centers allocated by Arab countries

After completing the testing and selecting process, visa issuance requires the following steps:

  1. Receive the original medical fitness report of the worker from the authorized medical examination centers by the Arab embassies
  2. Receive a personal certificate from the police for the worker is free from any criminal offense (upon request of the receiving country)
  3. Receipt of all the old passports held by the worker (especially for the Saudi Embassy)
  4. Receipt of a resident’s exit- return or final exit (for the Saudi Embassy)
  5. Send the worker for fingerprints in the Etimad Office (for the Saudi Embassy)
  6. Send workers full case to the Drop Box to issue the visa (for the Saudi Embassy)
  7. Send a photocopy of passport, personal photo and medical report to the employer

There are some procedures to finish employment issues after stamping their visas and all this sum up as follows:

  1. Receipt of the worker’s passport from the Drop Box after two days Issuing the visa (for the Saudi Embassy)
  2. Receive the visa from the employer by e-mail
  3. contact to the worker to get ready for his travel
  4. Check Civil War Department and pay fees
  5. To Visit the Protector of Immigration Office for Overseas Workers and pay fees
  6. The Protector of Immigration Office shall authenticate the worker’s passport to allow him to travel
  7. Reservation of the ticket after issuance of the visa period not less than 10 days

The workers are briefed about the nature of work in the country to which they are going to work with the responsible company for them in the following details:

  1. A easy explanation of the country and its customs, religions and traditions
  2. A brief explanation of the nature of the work in the company and the management of the company and its supervisors
  3. Urge workers to provide the best of their expertise and skill in their field of work
  4. Advice employee to be honest and faithful to work because it is one of the most important priorities of companies that manpower cadres should have possess
  5. Clarification of some of the rules and regulations of company’s management and vary between companies
  6. Commitment to the uniform of the company if any
  7. Commitment not to disclose company secrets
  8. To be sufficiently responsible for the task assigned to them for the completion of assigned job successfully

Workers’ travel procedures are as follows:

  1. Send workers’ travel tickets to the employer before they travel for a period not less than 5 days to inform when the workers will arrive
  2. The personal presence of the guardian of the employee along with the work contract with him received by the employer and certified by the competent authorities in the Government of Pakistan and is committed not to return from work place before the completion of the contract and not to escape and otherwise bear all the losses of the employer
  3. Deliver of passport, personal identification card, travel ticket and identification card for our group for each worker
  4. One of our responsible representatives go with the workers to see off them to the airport like wise to make sure they leave without any obstacles
  5. Informing the employer of the workers about leaving Pakistan
  6. Follow the workers’ travel until they reach the employer