Maintenance & Operation Sector

June 25, 2018 0
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With the continuing growth of the financing of Governments for projects in all sectors of the government buildings become operational and maintenance work necessary to ensure safety and service facilities and buildings, especially educational and health facilities for this sector becoming the maintenance and operation of the most important sectors.

Includes the operation and maintenance of buildings and roads and floors, power plants and the production and distribution of water and sanitation, systems and communication networks, vehicles, equipment, companies ,factories and workshops of the institutions depends on the maintenance and operation of the organization of competent technical workforce skills to meet the requirements of efficient maintenance and safety in terms of quality, speed, and the maintenance and operation of the GCC and the Middle East need a strong manpower working in all disciplines.

That is why the Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan to provide service to provide the best technical and professional manpower specialized in the maintenance and operation sectors in the Arab GCC and the Middle East.

The following are the most important jobs we provide for employment in the maintenance and operation sector:

Workshop ManagerA/C Engineer
Welding Supervisor
Gypsum Board Technician
Electrical EngineerA/C Supervisor
Mobile Technician
Auto Mechanical Technician
Mechanical EngineerElectrical Supervisor
Elevator TechnicianAuto Electrical Technician
Civil Engineer
Plumber SupervisorDucting TechnicianAuto Painter Technician
Electronics Engineer
Building SupervisorA/C TechnicianAuto Denter Technician
Computer Engineer
Electrical Technician
Pinter Technician
Assistant Technician
Communications EngineerComputer Technician
Cladding Technician
Hydraulic Machinery Operator
Mechatronics EngineerMechanical Technician Carpenter TechnicianElectrical Machinery Operator
Mechanical Supervisor
Electronics Technician Fiberglass TechnicianMechanical Machinery Operator
Electronics SupervisorAluminium technicianFabricator Technician
General Labor

Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is specialized in recruiting workers staff mentioned above in the public and private sectors, companies, institutions, factories and workshops, including hospitals and hotels in the GCC and the Middle East.