Hotels & Restaurants Sector

June 23, 2018 0
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The functions of the hotel and restaurant sector have become more popular in the market, starting with administrators, supervisors, cooks, receptionists, service staff, butchers, food and laundry workers, etc. Therefore,

The hotel and restaurant sector depends on the experience of manpower staff in elegance, good dealing, honesty, loyal to the law of administration so that guests and customers can enjoy the comfort and joy during their stay.

In this way, Al Mersal Arabic  Group for Recruitment in Pakistan provides specialized manpower for the hotel and restaurant sector and facilitates recruitment from Pakistan to the GCC and the Middle East.

Here are the most important jobs we offer in the hotel and restaurant sector:

Hotel ManagerWashing Supervisor A/C TechnicianRoom Cleaners
Restaurant ManagerRoom Service OfficerElectricity TechnicianLoaders / Labour
Communications OfficerAccountantPlumbing TechnicianCleaner / Sweeper
Maintenance EngineerCashierElectronics TechnicianWaiter
ChefReceptionistElevator/Lift TechnicianDish Washer
Relationship ManagerSecurity OfficerLight DriverSecurity Guards

Al Mersal Arabic Group fro Recruitment in Pakistan is specialized in recruiting manpower staff mentioned above in the public and private sector for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and clubs, including offices, companies, institutions, factories, airports, hospitals and banks in the GCC and the Middle East.