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Welcome to Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan

Here you are about to achieve your demand to recruit the best workers of Pakistan suitable and compatible with your needs.

One of the most important factors of success and development of companies is the recruitment of the talents which has the elements of success. In this sense, Al Mersal Arabic Group For Requirement in Pakistan is pleased to provide this service with the best manpower staff of Pakistan which will be selected according to Customer’s specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the customers in different Sectors workplaces.

As Al-Mersal Arabic Group For Recruitment in Pakistan is specialized in the field of exporting manpower, its a great responsibility to provide its customers with the best services by supplying working staff with outstanding technical and professional skills.

Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment was established in Pakistan with an Arab staff to facilitate the applications of those who want recruitment from Pakistan and according to their desire and without delay to finish recruitment procedures and thus its became the largest recruitment agency in Pakistan in terms of the Arab administration and credibility with customers.

Al-Mersal Arabic Group has a combination of the best recruitment agencies like travel and tour companies, the largest professional trade testing center in Pakistan, supervised by an Arab staff with the support of skilled technical staff for craft and trade tests, as well as a team of interviewers and auditors of general and educational certificates and degrees and its offices are located in most cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Muzaffarabad, chakwal and Kasur in order to bring the best staff workers from various casts of Pakistan.

  • Extensive experience in the field of recruitment from Pakistan to the Gulf States
  • Offers a speedy recruitment service with quality
  • Ensure the rights of employers and employees
  • Ensure continuity of employees throughout the contract period
  • Contractual liability is guaranteed in the insurance of the alternative in case of the any worker denied from work
  • Provide the best qualified manpower as per customers’ desire and more
  • Continuous follow-up with our clients to ensure their rights and stability employees during the entire contract period
  • Not to send manpower without testing them and to ascertain their experience in the testing centers of the group and according to the details received by customers
  • Geographical spread in all cities of Pakistan to facilitate the recruitment of manpower of all castes of Pakistan
  • Obligatory for the parents of employee to ensure in writing all the details of the contract and its attestation by the Government of Pakistan to ensure that the workers will not escape and complete their contract period
  • Establishing a long term relationship with our clients makes Al Mersal Arabic Group the customer’s first choice
  • To expend all our capabilities, skills and experiences to our clients in order to provide with the best human resources to the public and private sectors and individuals
  • Contribute to the success of our clients to provide the best experienced manpower staff which they required
  • Always strive to satisfy our customers by providing the best manpower and ensuring the work progress without obstacles
  • To keep our credibility with our customers and our workers

The leading recruitment group in Pakistan offers comprehensive HR solutions to all GCC countries, based on quality, professionalism and value added

  • To export the best manpower from the State of Pakistan to all Gulf countries and to the public, private and individual sectors
  • To provide manpower in all specialties and in a large number of different castes and cities of Pakistan
  • Provide the best services to achieve the goals and aspirations of our customers to match the skills required for each profession and understanding the nature of work and harmony between the client and the worker
  • To receive the delegations of our clients in Pakistan and arrange accommodation and transportation to them and facilitate the task of tests and interviews of the required manpower staff and select the best experiences according to their will
  • The readiness of our testing centers with all the necessary materials needed to the required tests so that the customers can adapt any way to test manpower for their satisfaction
  • Our presence in the State of Pakistan limits the inconvenience of traveling of our clients to select the human resources by sending the certified letter of request in detail and  this will be a big responsibility on our shoulders testing and selection process and this will be our commitment with clients.