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Manpower Recruitment

Manpower Recruitment

Al-Mersal Arabic Group provides comprehensive solutions for the recruitment of Pakistani workforce in the GCC and the Middle East. Faisal Usman Company has been assigned under the license number MPD 2905 Rawalpindi to finalize recruitment process in Pakistan and its accreditation at the embassies of the GCC and the Middle East. Al Mersal Arabic Group is the main employment gateway in Pakistan for the public and private sectors and individuals of many companies, institutions, factories, hospitals, banks, restaurants, airports, workshops, shops, etc. in the GCC and Middle East in terms of quality, Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is based on a database of more than 50,000 qualified manpower and 6 testing centers located in various provinces and 60 representatives in our group who are looking for the competent staff positions to meet all customer requirements and facilitate the process of bringing the best expertise and a large preparation for this purpose in different cities and castes of Pakistan. Al Mersal Arabic Group is specialized in men’s employment only with all manpower staff of engineers, administrators, doctors, guards, supervisors, technicians, professionals, craftsmen and workers for all the various sectors of work. Thus, Al Mersal Arabic Group for Recruitment in Pakistan is the best solution for its customers.

Tourism & Travel (Hajj & Umrah)

Many countries are taking the tourism industry as a strategic alternative to develop their tourism resources and they use their religious and archaeological monuments and their natural and cultural potential in a way that enriches them from relying on raw natural resources and alleviating the problems and economic pressures in an era where economic and social prosperity is one of the most important foundations of political stability.

Professional Testing Center

Al Mersal Arabic Group is based on the selection of the Pakistan's manpower staff for those who possess the skills and experience, qualified in the quality of work and approach to all sectors of work in the GCC, Middle East And all over the World that's Why we established  Faisal Usman Center for Professional Trade Testing  to Al- Mersal Arabic Group and in geographically spread in most famous cities of Pakistan